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There are two words one resembles the "state of rest" and the other is related to "writing/reading material".

Can you name these two words which also sound similar?

Asked by Andrew on 21 May 2024

I know a ten-letter word in the English language which can be typed using only the top rows of the computer keyboard.

Asked by Ronit on 18 May 2024

I have eight fingers and two thumbs but I do not live. What Am I?

Asked by Sachin on 21 Mar 2024

A shepherd had 18 sheep, out of which, all but ten died.

Can you tell us how many sheep was he left with?

Asked by Sachin on 10 Mar 2024

There is something which is always coming but never arrives?

Asked by Vinod on 08 Mar 2024

It is deaf, Dumb and Blind!!!

Still, always tells the truth. What is it?

Asked by Sachin on 06 Feb 2024

Name the three-letter word that can complete the below words:

A) L O _ _ _ E
B) E D U _ _ _ E
C) _ _ _ E R
D) _ _ _ T L E

Asked by Jeff on 23 Jan 2024

Can anyone tell me a word in the English dictionary which has a silent 'z'?

Asked by Sachin on 13 Jan 2024

I taste better than I can smell. Who am I?

Asked by Sachin on 30 Dec 2023

If Rajina's daughter is my daughter's mom, who am I to Rajina?

Asked by Sameer on 11 Dec 2023

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