Funny Riddles

Funny Riddles
Funny riddles - We offer you the best funny riddles! which are not only for fun to solve, but they make you laugh hard when you solve them.

In a Society, there are over 100 flats.

Flat 1 is named the first flat.
Flat 2 is named the second flat.
Flat 3 is named the third flat. And So On.....

A visitor decides to walk through all the flats, and he finds all the flats except flat 62.
Anmol later founds that the locals of the town have given it another name.

What is the name of the Flat?

Asked by Sachin on 05 Jun 2024

I can turn polar bears white.
I can make anyone dance.
I can make everyone cry
I can make your hands clap
I can make you thin.
I can make you smile.
I can make you smile

Can you guess the riddle?

Asked by Sachin on 03 Jun 2024

If you had a pizza with crust thickness 'a' and radius 'z', what's the volume of the pizza?

Asked by Ronit on 30 May 2024

The Little ant seems to be always confused. Do you know why?

Asked by Ronit on 26 May 2024

Why is it very easy to weigh a fish?

One Line Funny Riddle

Asked by Sachin on 14 May 2024

Which is the rope you never skip with?

Asked by Neha on 01 May 2024

who is silent in the parliament?

Asked by Sachin on 29 Apr 2024

Name a key which is hardest to turn.

Asked by Vinod on 28 Apr 2024

Mr Red Lives in the red house.
Mr Green Lives in the greenhouse.
Mr Yellow Lives in the yellow house.

Who lives in the Whitehouse?

Asked by Sachin on 26 Apr 2024

Which flower has two lips?

Asked by Sachin on 24 Apr 2024

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In 2007, a puzzle was released and $2 million prizes were offered for the first complete solution. The competition ended at noon on 31 December 2010, with no solution being found. Wiki