Rebus Riddles

rebus riddles
A REBUS is a picture representation of a name, work, or phrase. Rebus riddles is a puzzle that combines the use of illustrated pictures with individual letters to depict words or phrases. 100+ Rebus riddles listed below.

Can you guess the name of the month by looking the below rebus ?

The Month Rebus

Asked by Neha on 24 Mar 2023

Identify the hidden meaning behind this picture?

Picture Riddle

Asked by Sachin on 17 Feb 2023

What does the below image rebus riddle means ?

Rebus Riddle

Asked by Indu on 04 Sep 2021

My location can be determined by the below rebus.
So where am i ?

Find my Location

Asked by Sachin on 15 Aug 2021

What does below pictogram mean?

Compile the Pictogram

Asked by Sachin on 11 Aug 2021

What does this rebus riddle means ?

All Again Rebus

Asked by Sachin on 15 Jul 2021

What does the below rebus riddle means?

Wise Rebus Riddle

Asked by Sameer on 04 Jul 2021

Below rebus represent famous DiCaprio movie. Can you name it?

Decode the Rebus

Asked by Ronit on 27 May 2021

Can you solve the photo plexer logic ?

Logical Rebus

Asked by Sachin on 14 May 2021

There is a movie name hidden in the picture that is attached with this question. Can you find out which movie is it?

Movie in Rabus

Asked by Sachin on 14 May 2021

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In 2011, people playing Foldit, an online puzzle game about protein folding, resolved the structure of an enzyme that causes an Aids-like disease in monkeys. Researchers had been working on the problem for 13 years. The gamers solved it in three weeks.