Picture Riddles

Picture Riddles
Pictire riddles - Our online picture riddles are the best for kids and adults. We offer more than 100 picture puzzles to train your mind.

Count the number of triangles in the picture below:

Counting You Should Know

Asked by Neha on 16 Jul 2024

Count the Triangle in the figure given below:

Can You Count

Asked by Sachin on 04 Jul 2024

Can you find the six hidden animals in the picture below?

Find The Hidden Animals

Asked by Sachin on 21 Jun 2024

This is a picture puzzle. You have to guess the name of the movie that can be related to the picture.


Asked by Parikh on 20 Jun 2024

Complete the given grid with valid words. You can only use the letters AAEEIIMMPPTT.

Hint: The grid reads the same across as down.

English Winglish

Asked by Parth on 18 Jun 2024

Find the hidden panda in the image below.

Find The Panda

Asked by Sachin on 13 Jun 2024

Can you count the number of triangles in the picture below?

Count the Triangle

Asked by Sachin on 11 Apr 2024

In the picture, you can see a chess board. On the top left position, the K marks a knight. Now, can you move the knight in a manner that after 63 moves, the knight has been placed at all the squares exactly once excluding the starting square?

Are You A Chess Player?

Asked by Neha on 08 Apr 2024

Can you find the key in the picture below?

Find the Key

Asked by Sachin on 07 Apr 2024

Look at the picture and find out which square is not linked with any of the other squares.

Squares not Connected

Asked by Jeff on 31 Mar 2024

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There is a cryptic organization called Cicada 3301 that posts challenging puzzles online, possibly to recruit codebreakers and linguists.