Funny Riddles

Funny Riddles
Funny riddles - We offer you the best funny riddles! which are not only for fun to solve, but they make you laugh hard when you solve them.

who is silent in the parliament?

Asked by Sachin on 29 Apr 2024

Name a key which is hardest to turn.

Asked by Vinod on 28 Apr 2024

Mr Red Lives in the red house.
Mr Green Lives in the greenhouse.
Mr Yellow Lives in the yellow house.

Who lives in the Whitehouse?

Asked by Sachin on 26 Apr 2024

Which flower has two lips?

Asked by Sachin on 24 Apr 2024

They are the five precious gems of an everyday sort and all can be found on a Tennis Court. Who are they?

Asked by Parikh on 21 Apr 2024

There are forty elephants and they have forty-fore heads. How can this be possible?

Asked by Mehmat on 16 Apr 2024

What's the only room from which no one can enter or leave

Asked by Sherlock on 15 Apr 2024

Outside a massage parlour, there is a board that reads
"I only massage those who do not massage themselves."

Reading the above statement, does the masseur massage himself?

Asked by Sachin on 14 Apr 2024

What has a ring but no finger?

Asked by Sachin on 13 Apr 2024

A seven-year-old kid challenged his classmates that he can make the number one disappear by adding something to it.

How can he do that?

Asked by Mehmat on 04 Apr 2024

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